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Lanzarote surfing school

Surfing isn't just getting on to a surfboard, it also involves the understanding of the ocean's mechanisms. Surfing also requires knowing the rules and the history of the sport. We're here to share our passion and knowledge with you.

Surf Camp for all in Famara, Lanzarote

Surfing in Lanzarote is an exceptional place not only for experienced surfers but also for beginners. The island offers many great quality spots. Thanks to its volcanic formation and geographical position, waves are received from all directions. There are sandy beaches in Famara and Orzola & Arrieta ideal for beginners and intermediate levels. as well as international category rocky spots like El Quemao, La Santa, San juan etc where confirmed and experienced surfers enjoy larger and stronger waves.


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Book Now for Surfing From only €350 for 5 days surfing, 7 days accomodation & max 7 people per group.

Famara Surf School all levels Our goal for is to help you make that dream come true! "Live the dream with us!"

Surf School for all levels in Famara, Lanzarote ...

Below is a collection of images taken in and around Famara surf school. These have been uploaded into the Flickr account of Keep Soul Surfing.
Surf School Famara

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Lanzarote Surfing Courses Offers!

3-Days Surfing (with Video Analysis) - 140€           » View all courses
Aimed at those who would like to learn to surf or for those who have some experience but would like to learn more. It's a flexible formula that allows one to surf in different conditions and learn the basic surfing techniques.

5-Days Surfing (with Video Analysis) - 225€           » View all courses
For those who would like surfing to be priority in their holiday. This is a very complete formula for all levels where theory is learnt (knowledge of equipment, the sea and weather conditions) and practise every day in the water with advise from our instructors.

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